Leaving the comfort zone

It's official! After four and a half awesome years at Globetrotter Ausr├╝stung I will leave the company (and even the country) and start doing freelance jobs.

Before going into details, I would like to make one thing clear first: leaving Globetrotter has nothing to do with the recent development (German link) within and around the company. In fact, the decision to move on was taken way before those events and the main motivation to do this was simply a pretty heavy case of wanderlust.

I have dreamt of leaving Germany for a while for years, and I figured now was the time to actually do it before it was too late. So after some thinking I decided to move to Stockholm, Sweden for a year (at least). Why Sweden you ask?


I really have to say that this decision was mostly gut-based. Stockholm is an absolutely stunning city and the people are even more relaxed and balanced than in my beloved Hamburg.

A look into the past

Back in 2010 I worked for an e-commerce agency in Hanover that was specialised in building online shops with Magento. While we did build some pretty successful large sites and even published a book focused on developers together with Roman Zenner and Vinai Kopp, we did not succeed in building Globetrotter's new e-commerce platform for a variety of reasons (and not all of them were technical).

As the failure of the project became more and more imminent, I decided to stick with Globetrotter, simply because I didn't want to leave them alone with the problems that arose from the failed relaunch. A couple of months later, we ditched Magento and started a completely new platform from scratch.

It took us about one and a half years to launch the new shop, and while some may argue that we might have been quicker using some standard framework, we are absolutely happy with the result.

If you want to know more about the software and the processes that we and thePHP.cc came up with, here are a couple of (German) slides explaining many details of the project:

What lies ahead

Beginning from august, I will work as a freelancer and take part in several projects. Hopefully this will enable me to invest more time in contributions to Flow, Neos and my own open source projects like Mokka.

With the transition from employment to self-employment and the move to the beautiful city of Stockholm two major steps out of the comfort zone lie before me. I am eager to get to know the PHP community in Stockholm and I will start doing this by visiting the local PHP usergroup.

With new projects to conquer, new people to meet and even a new language to learn the next months will be exciting and challenging - and that is exactly what I want right now.

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