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Don't be a boss. Be a leader!

I am happy to announce that I will speak at this year's International PHP Conference that will take place in Munich from 25.10. to 29.10.

The IPC was one of the first professionally organized PHP conferences and still is a major event for PHP and web developers worldwide.

Don't be a boss. Be a leader!

Being a team’s lead developer holds a ton of challenges, and when you are first given that role, you are most likely not prepared for them. Not only will you feel responsible for the architecture and overall quality of your software but you will also influence the well-being of the whole team to a great extend.

What defines a lead developer? Which are the main goals you should strive towards? How do you deal with conflicts within the team? What can you do to be accepted as a leader, but not be seen as a boss?

In this session I will share my learnings from 5 years of experience as globetrotter.de's lead developer in a team consisting of employees and freelancers, working locally and remotely.

See https://phpconference.com/2015/en/tickets for Tickets. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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